Advisors Seek Alternative Investments, ETFs to Diversify Portfolios | ETF Trends

Market conditions are no longer as simple as they use to be. Consequently, investors are increasingly turning to alternative investments and exchange traded fund strategies as a way to diversify a portfolio in a dynamic marketplace.

Ahead of the upcoming Alts and Income Virtual Summit, financial advisors have evinced their desire for alternative income strategies.

In a survey with over 300 financial advisors, 95% of respondents showed concern for the current interest rate environment, and of those who are wary of interest rate risk, 56% are seeking alternative income strategies.

Over 80% also responded that they believe alternatives are an important part of asset allocation, and 50% are seeking research from product providers.

At the Alts and Income Virtual Summit, a live virtual conference that advisors can attend at the comfort of their office or home, attendees will hear from the keynote speaker, Nadia Papagiannis, Director of Alternative Investment Strategy for Global TPD at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, on ways to navigate the current alternatives landscape.