Other Frontier ETFs Feeling the Love

South Korea, Taiwan and the BRIC nations are excluded from EMFM’s lineup. While EMFM is one of the few ETFs with exposure to what may appear to be rough and tumble markets such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Gabon and Laos, the fund’s overall exposure to such markets is small relative to the aforementioned emerging markets. EMFM also diminishes single stock risk by into devoting more than 1.5% of its weight to any of its roughly 200 holdings. [Emerging, Frontier Markets in One ETF]

Excluding Qatar and UAE, EMFM offers exposure to 17 frontier markets, though one index provided classifies Egypt as a frontier market, so it can be said EMFM has exposure to 18 such markets. Investors probably are not complaining as EMFM is up 6.2% in the past month and 9.5% year-to-date.

Right or wrong, the $100 million mark is often seen as validation of an ETF’s credibility, meaning inflows to BBRC and EMFM are just getting started.

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