Poland ETFs Resilient Amid Eastern Europe Volatility | ETF Trends

Poland exchange traded funds have been dragged down by the heated tensions on the Crimea peninsula, but investors should not write off the market just yet.

Russia’s slowing GDP growth and economic issues probably won’t affect Poland, writes Peter Kohli,  chief executive officer of DMS Funds, for MarketWatch.

Meanwhile, Poland is experiencing strong, sustainable manufacturing growth. The Polish markets are also remarkably resilient.

The Warsaw Stock Exchange home to 440 stocks and a market-cap of over 177 billion. Polish companies are well managed, financially transparent, regulated, and offer a high degree of corporate governance and above-average growth, Kohli pointed out.

Moreover, the WSE had the largest number of IPOs among European markets in 2012.

Poland’s equity prices fell almost 6% in a knee-jerk reaction on the following Monday after Russian troops took control of Crimea. Sameer Samana, a senior international strategist at Wells Fargo Advisors, attributed the decline in the former Soviet Union country to guilt by association, InvestmentNews reported.