Seven Credible ETF Avenues to Germany

It is the Eurozone’s largest economy and home to some of the most well-known and largest European companies. Germany has other positive traits that make the country’s equity markets alluring to U.S. investors.

While not a fact that many ordinary Germans would like to remember, their country was arguably the glow that held the Eurozone together as the PIIGS and Cyprus flirted with disaster during the dark days of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis.

Germany’s economic heft and steadiness has led to valuations that are above those in Southern European equity markets, a “safety premium” investors are willing to pay to access conservative exposure to Europe.  [ETF Investors Embrace a Different Way to Germany]

Investors that do not want to stock-pick in Germany have multiple country-specific exchange traded funds to choose from. It can even be said that there are more Germany ETFs on the market today than some investors realize and some have important differences to consider before investors hit the buy button.