J.P. Morgan Asset Management plans its first foray into the European exchange traded fund space with an actively managed offering. Meanwhile, in the U.S., a smart-beta index-based ETF will likely come first.

The asset manager plans to roll out a range of active, Europe-listed ETFs as early as the fourth quarter, depending on regulatory approval, reports Judith Evans for Financial Times.

“Our long-term focus is on the active ETF opportunity,” a spokesperson for J.P. Morgan Asset Management said in the article. “We will be bringing this capability to Europe as part of a global offering.”

In the U.S., the firm is testing the waters with a so-called smart-beta global equity ETF that passively tracks an alternative index methodology. The ETF is set to launch in the first half of 2014. [JPMorgan Plans to Enter the ETF Arena, Looks to Active Space]

Other mutual fund providers and smaller asset managers have been slow to enter the active ETF space, waiting to see if others make or break it in the market.

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