Fund Flow Information: Fund flow information is made available to the public on a daily basis. WisdomTree posts fund flow information on our website for anyone to see. Also, large data companies such as Bloomberg publish fund flows as well as shares outstanding information—all of which can be incredibly helpful as it can be used to identify trends in specific markets. Monitoring funds, trends and shares outstanding information can be valuable information when making investment decisions. Oftentimes investors make decisions in a vacuum without utilizing all the valuable information that the ETF market provides.

Portfolio Holdings: Daily portfolio holdings can be extremely valuable for investors preparing to make portfolio decisions for the following year. It is important to recognize when funds are rebalancing; WisdomTree equity ETFs will attempt to rebalance back to some form of relative value. Monitoring the portfolio holdings is crucial to understanding the exposures an ETF provides to investors. This is fully public information and should be used by all ETF investors to help them understand the exposures across their portfolios.

All the information mentioned above is public information available to all investors. The old model of finance was that access to specific information was given only to large institutional investors. ETFs have leveled the playing field. It would be wise to make the most of all the valuable information that is made public every day in the ETF marketplace.

1Source: Bloomberg, total return number, as of 11/29/13.
2Ordinary brokerage commissions apply.