Our Best- and Worst-Performing Funds through Q3 2013

There have been a number of big stories impacting WisdomTree’s global product lineup in 2013 (through September 30):

• Japan: Japanese equities1 have rallied significantly, largely as a result of an aggressive monetary policy and a government commitment to stimulating economic growth.

• U.S. equities2, in particular in the mid- and small-cap segments3 of the market capitalization spectrum, have performed well.

However, there have also been some other stories about similarly strong equity market performance—they just generated significantly less in the way of attention:

• Middle East: Even in the face of geopolitical risk, equity markets4 have delivered strong performance.

• Europe: This market has been through great turmoil in recent years, but potential green shoots have begun to emerge. Small-cap stocks5 have led the European pack.

On the other side of the spectrum are markets that have been lagging significantly. A common theme across the worst-performing markets is either a connection to commodity-oriented companies or the emerging markets.

WisdomTree’s Five Best- and Worst-Performing ETFs through September 30, 2013