UN Climate Conference Puts Clean Energy ETFs in the Spotlight | ETF Trends

As the United Nations convene to promote a universal climate agreement, investors can capitalize on the growing awareness in going green through clean energy sector exchange traded funds.

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, stated that “the world is ready” for climate action to help promote a healthy environment, along with security, energy, economic and governance reasons, according to the United Nations News Centre.

“We must clarify finance that enables the entire world to move towards low-carbon development,” Figueres said. “We must launch the construction of a mechanism that helps vulnerable populations to respond to the unanticipated effects of climate change.”

The UN Climate Panel recently amended its CO2 emissions estimates since 1870 to 515 billion metric tons, or 515 gigatons, from 531 gigatons, reports Alex Morales for Bloomberg. The figure provide countries with less or more leeway to emit in the future.

Maria van der Hoeven, International Energy Agency Executive Director, believes the world requires emissions, renewables and energy-efficiency targets as industries diminish their dependency on fossil fuels, Bloomberg reports.