Different investors have different needs. With Northern Trust, exchange traded fund financial advisors can learn when and how to best meet their clients’ wishes.

ETF Trends’ Tom Lydon sat down with Marie Dzanis, senior vice president and head of exchange traded funds sales and servicing at Northern Trust’s FlexShares, to discuss best practices for reaching out to clients.

“It’s all about segmentation,” Dzanis said. “Most people in the market place understand intuitively that there is a large presence of women contributing financially and inheriting wealth, so presently responsible for about half the wealth in the U.S.”

Most advisors know about general groups, like Gen Y, Gen X or baby boomers. However, Dzanis points out that advisors should overlay the generations first and then the life circumstance to better advise clients.

“You can have a widow at 26 years old and a widow at 76 years old, and you would contact them differently,” Dzanis added. “The time of day which you would reach them would be different. The way you would reach out to them would be different.”

Watch the video below to see the full interview with Marie Dzanis.

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