10 Worst Global Equity Markets By Single-Country ETFs

Apologies for following up good news with glum tidings, but some single-country exchange traded funds have really struggled this year.

As we noted on Thursday, for most of the world’s major equity bourses, 2013 has been a good year. There have also been plenty of forgettable performances in international markets, which have translated to some forgettable ETF returns.  [10 Best Single-Country ETFs]

Some notes about the following list. First, data applicable to the local benchmarks is in local currency terms and comes by way of Bespoke Investment Group. The data were posted on Nov. 12. Second, there will be discrepancies between local market and ETF returns because the following ETFs are not benchmarked to the primary indices in the countries the ETFs track.

As was the case with the top-10 list, some markets will be excluded from this list because there is no applicable ETF. Jamaica and Ukraine are two examples.

Note the distinct Latin America flavor with our 10 worst list, which starts with the worst going on to the “best”…