10 Sub-$15 ETFs for Price-Conscious Investors

Attention shoppers: There may be bargains on aisle five, but when it comes to financial markets, price does not always tell the entire story regarding a stock’s value.

For example, a $20 stock can be richly valued while a $200 stock can be considered inexpensive on valuation. Still, some capital-constrained investors use a stock or ETF’s price tag as an evaluation tool.

Those looking for low-price tag ETFs have some options, but not a massive amount. In the rapidly expanding universe of U.S.-listed exchange traded products, there are roughly 80 ETPs trading with price tags of $15 or below and that includes plain vanilla ETFs, leveraged funds and exchange traded notes (ETNs).

An issue investors hunting for small price tag ETFs need to be aware is the potential for reverse splits, a commonly employed tactic used to artificially inflate ETF share prices to appease traders.  [Direxion to Reverse Split 7 ETFs, Forward Split Two]

With that disclaimer out of the way, the following is a list of 10 sub-$15 ETFs with explanations for how they got there. Some of these ETFs may offer upside. Others could be headed for a trip down Reverse Split Boulevard.

Leveraged funds were excluded.