Beyond BRICs ETF Transitions to New Index

BBRC’s index change also means there are more than 100 North America-listed ETFs benchmarked to FTSE indices. In August, FTSE said there are 11 ETF firms in the United States and Canada offer 102 products tracking FTSE’s equity, fixed income, real estate, yield and alternative weighted indices, the benchmark provider said. Globally, FTSE-linked ETFs are offered by nine of the top ten issuers. [FTSE Hits Century Mark in North America ETF Indices]

The beyond BRICs concept has recently started gaining momentum as the largest emerging markets have been disappointments for much of 2013. As data from EGShares indicate, a beyond BRIC basket has been less volatile than traditional emerging markets index with a higher Sharpe ratio over the past five years.

Chart Courtesy: EGShares