After Hedgies Rush to Banks, Mobius Warms to Greece

Baupost, Eaglevale, Dromeus Capital, Falcon Edge, York Capital and Och-Ziff are among the other hedge funds that are reportedly making large bets on Greek banks.

Financial services is GREK’s second-largest sector weight at 15.3%. Mobius also said he likes Greek manufacturers. Industrial, aluminum and transportation firms combine for about 10% of the ETF’s weight. National Bank of Greece (NYSE: NBG) and Alpha Bank  are GREK’s fourth- and fifth-largest holdings, respectively.

As for why Mobius, a legendary emerging markets investors, is even eyeing Greece, the country is now an emerging market. Earlier this year index providers Russell Investments and MSCI demoted Greece to emerging markets status from developed markets territory. Greece will join the MSCI Emerging Markets Index next year. [Another Index Provider Sends Greece to Emerging Markets Status]

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