As gold falls on hard times, investors are taking a shine to physical platinum, along with related exchange traded funds, with a South Africa listed platinum fund becoming the largest of its type in just four months since launch.

The NewPlat ETF (NGPLTJ.J), provides exposure to platinum bullion price movements as tracked by the South African Rand price of platinum, is backed by about 579,198 ounces of platinum, Reuters reports. The NewPlat ETF is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and comes with a 0.4% expense ratio.

Each share of NewPlat amounts to 0.01 ounces of platinum. Since its April 26 inception, the fund has gained 65.9%.

“We listed another 1.2 million debentures today, getting the fund size to 579,198 ounces of platinum,” Absa’s head of investments Vladimir Nedeljkovic said in the article. “With today’s creation, we did become the largest platinum fund in the world.”

The investors interested in trading platinum on the U.S. exchange can take a look at the ETFS Physical Platinum Shares (NYSEArca: PPLT). PPLT is backed by about 572,330 ounces of platinum, and each share of PPLT accounts for 0.098 ounces of platinum has gained 2.6% since April 26. [Platinum ETF Sees Largest Increase in Over a Year]