Specialized, Alternative ETFs

In an attempt to capitalize on China’s “five-year plans,” the KraneShares CSI China Five Year Plan ETF will seek out companies that benefit from Chinese government’s support during each of their five-year plans. For instance, the recent leg includes a focus on solar energy. [Solar ETFs Shine As China Expands Capacity]

Kazakhstan – maybe you know the country from that comedic satire Borat – is rich in oil reserves, ranking tenth in the world. The Global X Kazakhstan ETF would follow the MSCI Kazakhstan Index, which has gained 136% since November 2005.

In a rising interest rate environment, the AdvisorShares TreesDale Rising Rate ETF hopes to benefit from higher yields by investing in “agency interest-only mortgage-backed securities, interest-only swaps and certain other mortgage-related derivative instruments, while maintaining a negative portfolio duration with a generally positive current yield by investing in U.S. Treasury obligations and other liquid rate instruments.” [AdvisorShares Has a ‘Rising Rate’ ETF in the Works]

A growing population and dwindling supply of consumable water could make the Direxion Water Bull 3x Shares a profitable idea. The fund will track a 300% exposure to pump and filter manufacturers, water utilities and irrigation equipment companies.

Additionally, with more people looking what hedge funds and institutional investors are doing, a Global X Top Activist Investor Holdings would offer a way to track top U.S. listed equity positions held by some of the world’s top activist investors. [ETF Spotlight: ‘Guru’ Hedge Fund Clone]

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Max Chen contributed to this article.