Global ETFs Gather Over $100 Billion This Year | ETF Trends

Exchange traded funds and products have received record net inflows of $107 billion through the end of May 2013 which is 31% higher than the $82 billion in net flows at this time in 2012.

These inflows have helped to push assets invested globally in ETFs and ETPS to a new all-time high of $2.14 trillion US dollars, according to preliminary figures from ETFGI’s Global ETF and ETP industry insights report for May 2013.

There are now 4,849 ETFs and ETPs, with 9,875 listings, assets of $2.14 trillion, from 211 providers listed on 56 exchanges. ETF and ETP assets have increased by 9.6% from $1.95 trillion to $2.14 trillion.

ETFs and ETPs in May received $24.3 billion in net inflows. Equity ETFs and ETPs gathered the largest net inflows with $25 billion, followed by fixed income ETFs and ETPs with $3.1 billion, while commodity ETFs and ETPs experienced net outflows with $6.7 billion.

Equity ETFs and ETPs saw net inflows of $25 billion in May with US/North American equity exposures gathering $16 billion, the largest net inflows, followed by developed Asia Pacific equity with $8.9 billion, and global equity with $2.1 billion net inflows, while products offering emerging market equity exposure experienced the largest net outflows with $4.3 billion.

Fixed income ETFs and ETPs gathered net inflows of $3.1 billion in May and were composed of $2.2 billion of net inflows into corporate bond products, followed by Government bonds with $1.6 billion, while inflation linked ETFs/ETPs experienced the largest net outflows with $839 million.