ETF Flows on Pace to Break $200 Billion for the First Time | ETF Trends

Inflows to exchange traded products listed in the U.S. accelerated in May, putting ETF flows on track to top $200 billion this year for the first time ever.

U.S.-listed exchange traded funds and notes gathered $20.3 billion last month, taking year-to-date inflows to $85.8 billion, according to data from ETF provider BlackRock.

Overall, there were 1,470 exchange traded products with total assets of more than $1.5 trillion.

Last year, U.S. ETF inflows reached a record $191 billion, surpassing the $169 billion flow in 2008. [ETF Inflows May Hit $200 Billion in 2013]

So far in 2013, ETP assets in the U.S. have grown 11% due to inflows and market movements.

“In the U.S. sector category, there was a clear shift in investor preference from defensive categories in April to economically sensitive categories in May,” BlackRock noted. [Utilities, Consumer Staples ETFs in the Doghouse in May]

Sector ETFs listed in the U.S. have brought in $19 billion year to date. Investors have put the most money to work in real estate with $3.8 billion and financials with $3.9 billion, according to BlackRock. [Financial ETF Challenging for 2013 Sector Leadership]