An actively managed ETF that has seen a significant uptick in trading volume in recent sessions is TTFS (TrimTabs Float Shrink, Expense Ratio 0.99%).

Debuting in October of 2011, the fund has attracted approximately $17.2 million since inception, and average daily trading volume remains rather low at about 3,100 shares.

The fund has posted very impressive performance year to date, and is trading at all-time price highs on this heavier volume, so apparently ETF portfolio managers are paying attention.

Top holdings in TTFS are currently PNK (1.28%), LEXK (1.18%), EA (1.17%), HBI (1.15%), and DTV (1.13%). [Buyback ETF Outperforming the Market]

According to fund literature, this actively managed fund seeks to purchase stocks “with liquidity and fundamental characteristics that are historically associated with long-term performance.

Stock selection for TTFS is based on extensive historical research from TrimTabs, the leading independent institutional research firm focusing on stock prices as a function of supply and demand rather than value.”

Additionally, the title of this fund refers to “float shrink”, and this means the percentage change in shares outstanding in a given equity.

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