Currently top holdings in SDOG are BBY (2.36%), STX (2.30%), NOC (2.20%), AVP (2.18%), and HCN (2.17%), and the fund boasts a yield of 3.97% (compared to the yield of say SPY at 2.03%). As one can see, the top five holdings differ significantly from those in the S&P 500 Index itself (AAPL 2.92%, XOM 2.80%, MSFT 1.75%, JNJ 1.67%), but portfolio diversification is notably different (and less) as well (SDOG has 51 holdings while SPY/IVV own 501).

SDOG averages 95,000 shares traded daily, but has had several days above that average level just in May alone, so it is apparent that this strategy is hitting more radars at this point in time.

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