ETF Trends
ETF Trends

A fund that we have profiled in the past saw an uptick in trading volume last Friday, as the fund itself is trading near its lowest levels since last summer.

GCC (GreenHaven Continuous Commodity, Expense Ratio 0.85%) is an equal weighted index strategy which invests in seventeen different commodities across the spectrum of grains, livestock, energy, metals, as well as exposure to soft commodities such as coffee, cocoa, sugar, and cotton.

GCC generally averages about 106,000 shares on a daily basis, and on Friday more than five times that volume traded. [Commodity ETF Reshuffles]

The fund has a rather unique make-up in that it re-balances the fund on a daily basis in order to maintain true “equal weighting” of the seventeen commodities across the portfolio.

The investment theme of GCC generally resounds with critics of diversified commodity products that tend to be more heavily weighted to energy, namely DBC (PowerShares DB Commodity, Expense Ratio 0.93%) and DJP (iPath DJ-UBS Commodity Index ETN, Expense Ratio 0.75%).

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