Commodity ETNs

Investment guru and prominent commodities bull Jim Rogers has pointed to tight supply and central banks’ money-printing spree as reasons for taking on physical assets. With exchange traded funds, investors can play this commodities outlook.

Specifically, there are several exchange traded products based on indices designed by Rogers. He developed the commodity benchmarks to track expected global consumption based on his research and personal experiences traveling the world. He has penned several books, including Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers.

Rogers’ commodity indices are different from other benchmarks that weight by return or liquidity. His approach is to weight commodities based on consumption to provide diversification.

At the 2013 ETF Virtual Summit, Rogers pointed out that world governments have gotten to the habit of printing money to solve their economic problems. Moreover, Rogers believes that investors will find opportunities in natural resources as there are “supply problems in commodities going forward.”

“We will make money in commodities because of supply shortages … and governments will print money,” Rogers added. [Jim Rogers: Commodities ETFs to Benefit from Monetary Easing, Supply Issues]