Over 3,000 advisors attended the ETF Virtual Summit conference where attendees navigated market strategies in the growing exchange traded fund industry.

Leading industry advisors and experts, such as Bill Gross, Jim Rogers, Rob Arnott and Russ Koesterich, provided their view on the ETF industry and market going into the new year.

Attendees sat in on panels that covered opportunities for 2013, varying equity ETF strategies, fixed-income choices to diversify yield, alternative investment tools, ETF managed portfolios and the changing landscape in ETFs & Indexing.

“The set-up of the ‘Virtual Summit’ was very cool and fun to navigate,” writes David Wismer for Forbes, not to mention the added perk that advisors and industry leaders attended the virtual conference in the comforts of their own offices or homes.

With the expanding choices of ETFs available, there is a growing need for education to help investors and advisors understand the varying products on the market and how to effectively implement a well-balanced portfolio strategy.

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