ETF Securities, a purveyor of physically backed precious metals exchange traded funds, will be expanding its global reach and may even work on currency-related products.

Matt Johnson, head of distribution for EMEA, said the company will focus on expanding its product range and broadening its client pool, reports Chris Flood for Financial Times.

Given the “natural fit” between currency and commodity products, Johnson wants to implement greater investor education to help “create a framework” that would allow investors to understand how these tools can augment their asset allocation strategies.

Moreover, he hinted that ETF Securities would launch currency related ETFs to help investors create momentum or carry trading strategies in the Forex markets.

The fund provider has been quickly expanding its global reach, launching physically backed precious metal ETFs in Hong Kong and Australia last year as a response to the growing appetite for commodity ETFs in Asia. The growing interest for commodity ETFs has been a reaction to extensive quantitative easing and low returns in the bond market.

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