The economy in China has slowed down in terms of growth rates but if the government continues to control inflation, the landing will not be as hard in 2013. WisdomTree recently launched a new exchange traded fund in time for investors to take advantage of China equities on the cheap.

Chinese growth is a long term strategy and although the focused financials are underperforming, the fact is you don’t need financials for other sectors to generate returns. The new fund is the WisdomTree China Dividend Fund (NYSEArca: CHXF). Compared to other large economies, China equities are cheap, reports Kenneth Rapoza for Forbes. [ETF Spotlight: China]

“There’s value in China now. The best way to look at it is to compare China to other markets. China trades on sentiment and sentiment right now is very negative,” Jim Chanos said. “China for investors is a long growth story. They’re getting richer and the consumer base is getting larger, and will be larger than the U.S. If you want to access that, you have to allocate to China.” [China ETFs: Don’t Dismiss the Slipping Tiger]

The current rate of growth for China’s economy is 7%, which is considered slow, compared to the usual 8-9%. Compare that to the 2% growth rate in the U.S.