AdvisorShares Plans Actively Managed Buy-Write ETF | ETF Trends

Investors interested in hedging against a bearish turn or high market volatility may have another tool at their disposal next Tuesday as AdvisorShares launches an actively managed exchange traded fund that utilizes the buy-write strategy.

According to a press release, the AdvisorShares STAR Global Buy-Write ETF (NYSEArca: VEGA) will begin trading on Sept. 18. VEGA has a 2.01% expense ratio.

The ETF, which is subadvised by Partnervest Advisory Services, will use “buy-write” or “covered calls” options on its global exposure. The managers writes, or sells, a call option on each position.

The buy-write, or covered call, strategy utilizes call options on a position to generate income from option premiums. An investor would sell a call option above the current price of a security. If the price of the security is below the option upon the expiry date, the investor would pocket the difference. The buy-write helps provide a cushion from the downside. [Why a Buy-Write ETF Generates a 10% Yield]

“We seek to perform in all market conditions by utilizing a disciplined process designed to harness the benefits that volatility offers,” James Herrell, CFA, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager of VEGA, said in the release. “These include providing alternative income sources and the ability to repair a portfolio when it needs it most. In doing so, we strive to realize option premium income during volatility while adding protective put options when volatility is low.”