Investors searching for yield are taking a liking to master limited partnerships, or MLPs. More MLP funds such as Global X MLP ETF (NYSEArca: MLPA) are hitting the market, and there are plans to launch additional offerings.

“MLP investors have historically received a generous income stream–even greater than those holding MLPs’ utility company cousins. MLPs provide current yields substantially higher than the overall market, and the best-run partnerships have been able to increase their unit holder distributions faster than any comparable class of high-income securities. Furthermore, the lack of institutional ownership in MLP units has caused the indexes’ fluctuations to act somewhat independently of other equity markets,” Abraham Bailin for Morningstar wrote in a recent ETF analysis. [Three Dividend ETFs for Investors Aiming High]

Master limited partnerships are companies that are involved with the storage and transportation of commodities such as oil or natural gas. These types of investments have a high dividend yield, giving them added allure as the yield on a 10-year Treasury note is currently around 1.8%. [Master Limited Partnerships: MLP ETFs]

MLP exchange traded products are currently offering yields in the 5% to 6% range.