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What You Should Know:

  • Invesco PowerShares sponsors the ETF.
  • DBP has an expense ratio of 0.75%.
  • The fund has risen 11.05% over the past month, 17.21% over the last 3-months and 28.56% year-to-date.
  • The fund follows the Optimum Yield version of the underlying index, which tries to diminish the effects of “negative roll yield.” [Commodity ETFs: Understanding Contango]
  • The index replaces expiring futures contracts, or rolls them over, with new contracts that expire in the month that will generate the highest “implied roll yield.”
  • By targeting the month with the highest implied roll yield, the fund is able to minimize the negative effects of “contango.”

The Latest News:

  • Gold futures rose as high as $1,884.60 an ounce during intraday trading on Friday after the disappointing August employment data, reports Matt Day for The Wall Street Journal.
  • Gold has also been gaining on the prospects that European and U.S. Central Banks will maintain their loose monetary policies. [Precious Metals, Agriculture ETFs Outperforming Stocks]
  • “We’ve got poor economic data, you’ve got sovereign debt issues here and in Europe,” remarked Matt Zeman, head of trading with Kingsview Financial. “I can’t come up with a lot of reasons why gold wouldn’t continue to work higher.”

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PowerShares DB Precious Metals Fund

Max Chen contributed to this article.