ETF spotlight on the CurrencyShares Mexican Peso Trust (NYSEArca: FXM), part of an ongoing series.

Assets: $21.9 million.

Objective: The CurrencyShares Mexican Peso Trust tries to track the price movement of the Mexican peso against the U.S. dollar.

Holdings: The trust maintains a deposit account denominated in Mexican pesos.

What You Should Know:

  • Rydex|SGI is the sponsor of the ETF. Rydex|SGI is part of Guggenheim Investments. The change in ownership is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2012 and the Rydex|SGI funds will be rebranded under the Guggenheim name. [Guggenheim, Rydex Merging]
  • FXM has an expense ratio of 0.40%.
  • The fund is down 9.14% over the past month, down 12.12% over the last three months, and down 7.04% year-to-date.
  • Any interest accrued in the deposit account will be used to pay trust expenses, and any excess interest will be distributed to shareholders monthly. The fund has a 12-month yield of 2.21%.
  • For those who want to diversify away from the U.S. dollar and into hard assets, commodities-linked currency, such as the Mexican peso, may be a good play.
  • Mexico is the world’s largest producer of silver, writes Scott Pluschau for TheStreet.

The Latest News:

  • Yields on Mexico’s peso bonds are rising as rising concern over a possible Greek default pushed investors away from high yield emerging markets, report Jonathan J. Levin and Ben Bain for BusinessWeek.
  • “At first the dominant force was growth, or lack of growth, and now it’s the perception that the global financial system could yet again be under serious stress,” Benito Berber, a strategist at Nomura Securities Inc., commented. The turnaround shows “risk associated with what’s happening in Europe.”
  • “This time around, nothing’s been spared from this flight to quality,” Alejandro Urbina, a manager at Silva Capital Management, said. “People are concerned with systemic risk. People are unsure what the impact of a potential messy default in Greece would be and what implication that would have on the international financial system. It’s panic. There is nothing that hasn’t gotten hit, except for Treasuries and the dollar.”
  • Central bank Governor Agustin Carstens believes the Mexican economy will expand 4% this year.
  • Alonso Madero, an asset manager at Corp. Actinver SAB, believes that peso debt is undervalued and yields will begin to drop once Greek default concerns begin to ease.

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