The sell-off in equities has some investors drawing up lists of sector exchange traded funds to buy in industries that are offering fundamental value at these prices.

Some investors are hoping to buy market sector with ETFs at bargain prices.

“This correction was so broad that it created some great opportunities,” said Jeannie Wyatt, head of South Texas Money Management, on TheStreet. “You could have a field day buying o a lot of things. The stock market will be a much better place to find yield, so with the sell off, you can now easily find yields that exceed the U.S. Treasury.”

When it comes to unloved sectors, an ETF tracking U.S. financial stocks dropped nearly 6% on Monday. Top holding Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) was under attack following news American International Group (NYSE: AIG) is seeking more than $10 billion in mortgage-related losses. [Financial ETFs Tumble]

Trying to catch a falling knife is dangerous, but some see value in financial stocks.

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