With precious metals largely delivering appealing returns once again in 2011, we have taken note of exchange traded funds that allow the investor to gain diversified exposure to the physical metals and not rely solely on the spot returns from one single metal such as gold or silver

For instance, ETFS Physical Precious Metals Basket (NYSEArca: GLTR) is weighted towards physical silver (47.99%), physical gold (41.26%), physical platinum (6.57%), and physical palladium (4.18%).

GLTR has recently traded at its highest levels since early May.

Similarly, ETFS Physical White Metals Basket (NYSEArca: WITE) has exposure to physical silver (66.48%), physical platinum (25.04%), and physical palladium (8.48%).

These ETFs may be appealing to those investors who want exposure to precious metals but are not comfortable with their risk being tied to only one metal at a time.

ETFS Physical Precious Metal Basket

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