Airline ETFs: Industry Hostage To Rising Energy Costs and an Aging Fleet | ETF Trends

While airliners have seen an uptick in traffic and average seat miles, shares and related exchange traded funds (ETFs) recently experienced some setbacks as energy prices continue to shoot up and a major player grounds some flights.

Southwest recently grounded 79 planes following an incident that forced an emergency landing. A Southwest flight made an emergency landing last Friday after a riveted lap joint ripped open, which caused a loss of cabin pressure and the deployment of oxygen masks. [Southwest Cancellations Stir Turbulence For Airline ETFs.]

On Wednesday, FAA administrator Randy Babbitt told Congress that there will be a review of an agency program that overseas the aging commercial aircraft fleet to ensure the safety of all flying airplanes, reports Dan Weikel for The Los Angeles Times.

Industry experts say the FAA will increase its due diligence for older commercial aircrafts, and the FAA has already issued a directive that orders airlines to enhance and increase inspections for older and frequently used Boeing 737-300s, 400s and 500s.