The fund will hold 80% of its assets in underlying index securities and the rest will be invested in closed-end funds (CEFs) to provide extra liquidity.

Fulton remarks that the loans are short-term and will reset, which are attractive features among investors who follow rate movements and want short-term products.

BKLN is clearly meeting a need with investors. In its first day of trading, 1.5  million shares had changed hands, with a half hour left in the trading day. Fulton says that both institutional and retail investors have expressed interest in the product.

“There are a lot of people who like this asset class because it may have a high yield that’s attractive for the duration of the portfolio,” Fulton says. Not only that, but it has all the usual benefits of ETFs: low pricing, liquidity, transparency. “We’re very encouraged by today’s volume and more excited about down the road.”

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Max Chen contributed to this article.