Happy Anniversary: Two Years After the Market's Low | ETF Trends

Time sure flies by in a blink of an eye. It almost seems like yesterday when the markets hit their lows, and it has us feeling reflective. This has been one good rally, but are you buying it?

Two years after the March 9, 2009, low, the Dow is now up around 86%, reports Jeremy Hobson for MarketPlace. Economist Gary Schilling attributes the recovery to monetary and fiscal stimulus, plus a rebound in the domestic and international financial sectors. [Investors Are Coming Back; ETFs Can Help.]

Two years ago, investors were bailing out of the markets. Only recently have they gotten more confident. [The Secret to ETF Success.]

Investors have poured $24.2 billion back into U.S. stock mutual funds since the beginning of 2011; however, it is still shy of the $96.7 billion withdrawn in 2010, writes Dave Carpenter for Yahoo! Finance.

The economy is not “there” yet. We’ve still got a long way to go before we can be considered fully recovered. But that doesn’t mean you should still be sitting on the sidelines, waiting for a sign.