ETF Correlation Among Asset Classes Is Dropping | ETF Trends

The markets and exchange traded funds (ETFs) moved in unison during the financial crash and when the markets began to recover, but if you’re looking to diversify, you may be relieved to know that asset correlations are – at last – beginning to drop.

ConvergEx Group’s Chief Market Strategist Nicholas Colas points out that the correlation between ETFs in the various financial market asset classes has diminished, which could indicate a positive sign that the financial markets are recovering, writes Olivier Ludwig for IndexUniverse.

In a sampling of 19 market-, sector- and asset-type ETFs, ConvergEx concluded that the correlation of returns for industry sectors, precious metals, fixed-income and currencies are all hitting a 12-month low. That’s great news for investors; the lower the correlations, the less sectors are moving in tandem, giving you more opportunities to play trends.

The data shows that we are returning to a healthier market environment where investors may use different assets to diversify and reduce overall risk as correlations diminish. “This move lower for correlations is a long-awaited piece of good news for fundamentally-oriented, bottom-up money managers,” remarks Colas.