World Economic Forum Puts Global and U.S. ETFs in Focus | ETF Trends

In Davos, Switzerland, international officials are attending the World Economic Forum to promote free market principles and collaborate in righting our economic course. While global exchange traded fund (ETF) investors may be happy in the emerging markets, the U.S. economy is making a case for itself, too.

A record number of emerging market dignitaries are among the attendees this year, more notably those from China. Their presence is largely to remind others of their country’s economic prowess, reports Stephen Beard for MarketPlace. Conversely, fewer American officials will be attending since it wouldn’t look too good to have people partying on the taxpayer’s money in our economic state. [The Ins and Outs of Total Market ETFs.]

Nevertheless, the forum is a great place for world leaders and top business people, intellectuals, academics and others to mingle and espouse new business models.

The panel for the “New Economic Reality” did not have representatives from eurozone states, but those on the panel, including China, India, America, Israel and Great Britain, were all concerned about the E.U. sovereign debt problem, reports Katrin Bennhold for The New York Times.

Nouriel Roubini, a professor of economics at New York University commented that “the eurozone is certainly one of the biggest risks to the global economy.”