News media has gone through a dramatic transformation in the Internet age. The media exchange traded fund (ETF) is one way to play the dynamic shift in media today.

Technology that provides quick and easy access to information has led to a dramatic shift from the old ways of reporting news toward mobile and computer devices, remarks Chris Dixon for Minyanville.

But what will separate the wheat from the chaff in the modern age will be those news outlets that consistently deliver defined points of view and strong editorial voices. Those who don’t adapt could be left in the dust.

It is almost certain the future for news media is on the Internet, and news outlets have already made the seamless transition, comments David Carr for The New York Times. In this new environment, media giants are no longer competing with one another, but rather co-operating to build synergies. As the walls between T.V. and the Internet come down, media outlets will also need to build competitive business models to gain an edge in a world where anyone can access a multitude of channels through the web on a T.V.