“A lot of that has to do with coming to market with the right products. We pay very close attention to client demand and try to launch products based on what investment demand is,” says Jheon.

One such area is in the realm of geographic diversity across gold holdings, which led the provider to launch ETFS Physical Asian Gold Shares (NYSEArca: AGOL) last week.

Despite a robust lineup that includes ETFS Physical Platinum (NYSEArca: PPLT), ETFS Physical Palladium (NYSEArca: PALL), ETFS Physical Precious Metals Basket (NYSEArca: GLTR) and ETFS Physical White Metals Basket (NYSEArca: WITE), the provider is far from seeing its work here as done.

“We still have a fair amount of work to do in building out the commodity product set,” Jheon says, noting that though the focus has been on precious metals, the provider has an interest in other commodities. “Precious metals is just one component.”