As the U.S. market begins to look a little bit healthier, initial public offerings have started to gain more momentum. You can play the revived IPO market with one exchange traded fund (ETF).

The tech sector has experienced the largest shifts in IPO offerings, with companies in China faring a lot better.

Paul Bard, vice president of research at Renaissance Capital in Greenwich, commented that “tech IPOs over the course of 2010 have definitely had ups and downs,” with “a pocket of strength in March, followed by some tough sledding in April/May as the broader markets sold off,” writes Benjamin Pimental for MarketWatch. Tech IPOs started gaining momentum “more significantly over the last three months with tech/growth IPOs in particularly far outperforming their slow-growth or less exciting IPO counterparts,” Bard adds. [IPO ETF: Signs of Life.]

The biggest anticipated name in the tech market is Skype, but larger social-networking names like Facebook and LinkedIn have yet to announce a public offering. Other notable IPO offerings include, Invensense, which dabbles in motion sensing and processing tech; Demand Media, an online media rental site; and Zipcar, a car-sharing services provider.