Exchange traded fund (ETF) investors may have noticed that some areas of the markets are covered by multiple ETF products. Though the funds may be similar, fund providers offer different styles in managing their ETF products. Let’s take a closer look at two Latin America ETFs.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently stated that Latin America’s economy could expand a higher-than-expected 5% for the year. Brazilian economists are even more bullish, predicting that Brazil’s economy will grow 7.2% this year. [Brazil ETFs Lead the Latin American Economy.]

The Brazilian Central Bank President Henrique Meirelles expects that the economy will continue to accelerate in the third quarter despite recent slowdowns. [Latin America ETFs: It’s Not All About Brazil.]

If you’re having trouble choosing a single-country ETF to access Latin America’s fast-growing economies, consider one of the two major Latin America ETFs. Let’s compare: