Newcomer Makes a Splash with Corn ETF | ETF Trends

Teucrium is the name of one of the newest exchange traded fund (ETF) providers. While it might not be well-known just yet, they’ve already made a splash with a first-of-its-kind commodity ETF.

Teucrium Corn Fund (NYSEArca: CORN), the industry’s first single agriculture commodity ETF, began trading in July.

Teucrium President Sal Gilbertie is no commodities newbie. He spent almost 30 years trading commodities and derivatives and started what’s now known on the Chicago Board of Trade as the ethanol swap. In fact, Gilbertie is such an expert on energy that “people call me petro-centric.”

Gilbertie takes pride in the fact that everyone at Teucrium has deep knowledge in the commodities space – they have all traded them at one point or another.

Although he officially made his move to enter the ETF world at the end of 2009, he and a team of people worked on getting Teucrium off the ground for a full year.

Gilbertie’s move into commodities isn’t because commodities are trendy, either. He believes in them.

“With the new world order of expanding commodities, world populations expanding, growing prosperity, demand for world resources is increasing, and that’s not going to go away,” he says, stressing that food and energy account for most of this demand.