All About MLP ETFs and ETNs | ETF Trends

For those seeking to invest in something that provides a little income stream on the side, exchange traded funds (ETFs) now provide exposure to Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). But wait…what are MLPs?

MLPs are partnerships. The general partner is responsible for running the partnership while individual investors are limited partners, according to Harry Domash’s Dividend Detective. Income is allocated among all partners, proportionate to the percentage of ownership.

The term MLP generally only applies to businesses related to the use of natural resources; for example, the transportation or extraction of natural gas. In some instances, real estate can be MLPs.

The big draw for MLPs is that they do not incur income taxes. Although, 90% of the MLP’s income needs to come from real estate, commodities or natural resource services and operations to qualify for the tax perks. It should be noted that MLPs may not be suitable for IRAs and other tax-shelter portfolio.