The problems in Europe don’t look like they’ll be resolved any time soon, and wary investors are staying away. As investors flee from European assets, some didn’t go too far, parking their cash in Switzerland and its related exchange traded funds (ETFs).

The Swiss franc is hitting ever higher heights against the euro as currency traders flock to the relative safety of the franc, remarks Ivan Martchev for The Motley Fool. However, the Swiss franc is still down against the U.S. dollar. [Euro’s Loss is Swiss Franc ETF’s Gain.]

In comparison, the yield on the Swiss confederation 10-year bonds has been dropping ever lower, with its current yield at 1.63%, while the yield on 10-year Greek bonds is quickly approaching the 10% mark.

If stronger countries in the eurozone consider leaving the weaker ones, it is widely believed that the rise in the Swiss franc will be swift, Martchev notes. [What’s Influencing Europe ETFs?]