Craving Fast Food? Here Are 4 ETFs | ETF Trends

No matter what the markets are doing in the United States and abroad, it doesn’t seem to kill a craving for a burger and fries. Here are four exchange traded funds (ETFs) that will give you exposure to these thriving multinational corporations.

Kevin Grewal for Daily Markets says that performance of fast food companies has been enticing, even amid worsening market conditions. shares and ETFs are still appealing, despite weaker and uncertain market conditions. [Cadbury rallied these funds a few months back.]

As long as unemployment remains high and most consumers go frugal, fast food purveyors may be in the best position to benefit from the desire for cheap eats. One of the perennial benefactors of this is McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD), which has seen its earnings increase all over the world.

Yum! Brands (NYSE: YUM) is larger than the golden arches, operating Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC and others. Its revenues have also risen; in the first quarter alone, revenues internationally shot up 11%.

But could the push for healthier lifestyles and eating habits wind up hurting these companies?