Actively Managed ETFs: Ready for the Revolution | ETF Trends

As actively managed exchange traded funds (ETFs) launch and new issues await in the pipeline, one thing is plainly evident: this segment of the industry is about to get a whole lot bigger.

To date, there are about a dozen actively managed ETFs trading on the market, and about twice as many in the pipeline waiting for regulatory approval. It may seem contradictory to have a manager picking stocks, since until recently, ETFs have been known primarily for the fact that they passively track indexes, says Thomas M. Anderson for Kiplinger.

Despite the fact that actively managed ETFs haven’t yet gone gangbusters with investors, the industry is getting very busy in anticipation, says Shishir Nigam for Active ETFs in Focus.

Many more new issuers are seeking entry into the party through new filings for actively managed ETFs, while others built on their bases and registered new products. These issuers included Emerald Rock Advisors, Dreyfus, Cambria Investment, DoubleLine Funds and BlackRock.

BlackRock’s entry is particularly interesting, because it is looking to create an active ETF with reduced disclosure, a development that could make a huge difference to the level of comfort active managers have behind these funds.