5 Tips for Better ETF Portfolio Diversification | ETF Trends

Although many exchange traded fund (ETF) investors thought they were perfectly diversified throughout their portfolios, many still took their share of losses. Is there a way to diversify better? You bet.

  • Hold a diversified stock fund or ETF rather than a single stock
  • Investing in international ETFs can give you global diversification and insulate you better from trouble at home.
  • International diversification may mean limiting the total exposure in your portfolio, and don’t forget to rebalance. [5 Things to Avoid When ETF Investing.]
  • Diversify in other asset classes, too, such as in bonds or domestic stocks; for example, don’t put your entire domestic exposure in large-caps. Spread it out a little.
  • Allocate some of your portfolio to commodities, bonds and real estate when appropriate, too. [7 ETF Rules to Mind.]

Most of all, remember nothing is completely foolproof and immune from stock market volatility. A diversified portfolio means you are prepared for market swings, but does not mean you are safe from taking losses.

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