Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are taking on various forms, from leveraged and short, to passive and active management. But do actively managed ETFs to have what it takes to get off the ground and go for the long-haul?

Most investors have watched many actively managed ETFs come to market and then quietly wait as a track record is built. However, as the markets gain steam, more ETF providers are jumping back on the wagon to take a stab at active management with ETFs. [Hedge Fund ETFs Also In the Spotlight.]

Mike Hogan for Barrons mentions that based on the interest shown by major fund groups like BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, TD Ameritrade and PIMCO, their numbers are expected to grow substantially this year. This new set of ETFs will aim at outperforming their benchmarks by avoiding or by adding to certain index holding, all while keeping expenses down to a minimum and offering the intraday liquidity that mutual funds lack. [Are Active ETFs on the Right Path?]

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