Every single day, investors the world over look inside and ask themselves, “What should I buy?” Although there are numerous advantages to purchasing exchange traded funds (ETFs), there are certain investors who might be happier owning a single stock instead.

If you are seeking sector exposure, an ETF is one of the best ways to offset the risk of a single stock or company. You might believe that in purchasing an ETF, you will get the average return of a sector, that isn’t necessarily the case across the board, says Hans Wagner for Investopedia. [A Brief History of ETFs.]

If you’re thinking about mitigating risk and volatility, an ETF might be your best choice. They offer a high level of diversification that would otherwise be costly to get through single-stock picking. [10 Reasons to Love ETFs.]

Depending on what you’re looking for, sometimes a single stock may be a better option for you than an ETF. It’s key to understand the vagaries of certain sectors:

  • Sectors that do have a narrow dispersion of returns from the mean do not offer stock pickers an advantage when trying to generate market-beating returns. Utilities and consumer staples are an example.
  • Often, the stocks in a particular sector are subject to disperse returns, yet investors are unable to select those securities which are likely to continue over-performing. Biotechnology and semiconductors are good examples; there are so many upstarts that never quite get going. All it takes is one big hit, but who will have the big hit is another question entirely.
  • Stock-picking offers an advantage over ETFs, when there is a wide dispersion of returns from the mean, then you can gain an advantage using your knowledge of the industry or the stock.

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