Sure, Brazil has been a stellar emerging market , but it’s not the only country in the economically vibrant Latin America. You have several options with exchange traded funds (ETFs) to play this region.

Usually, investors are speaking the “B” word when it comes to investing in Latin America – that’s Brazil. [Where are BRIC ETFs headed?]

But you’d be unwise to ignore the other countries. The region has many resource-rich economies that are worth your time and portfolio. The diversification benefits are plentiful as well, since many of these countries have low correlations. [Why Brazil is hot.]

Gary Gordon for ETF Expert reports that Peru, for instance, is a resource-rich country that recently received increases in its credit rating to investment-grade. Remember that Greece, Turkey and the Middle Eastern economies are all facing potential defaults.

Many of the Latin countries are also precious metal havens: Peru is rich in copper, zinc and silver. Chile is one of the world’s largest copper producers. Colombia exports oil, coal and coffee, and has been diversifying its trading partners.

The diversification is limitless, so open up your mind to some Latin flavor. Your portfolio may thank you. [4 reasons to think about Chile.]