5 ETFs to Play the Climate Change Conference | ETF Trends

The clean energy sector is now firmly taking center stage as the international climate change conference takes place in Copenhagen. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) can help you capitalize on the measures and agreements that stem from this historic meeting.

Climate change is a worsening problem. The World Meteorological Organization said that it’s a trend with no signs of slowing. The aughts, in fact, are said to be the warmest decade on records dating back 150 years, report Andrew C. Revkin and James Kanter for The New York Times. (How to play the Smart Grid plans).

The nearly 200 nations gathered in Copenhagen appealed for urgent action. Hopes are rising at the conference that President Barack Obama will formally commit the United States to cutting its emissions. One thing the United States won’t be doing, however, is ratifying the Kyoto Proticol because of Senate and Bush administration opposition.  (Play Obama’s policies).

Among the things sought at the conference include broad cuts in emissions and commitments from wealthy nations to deliver billions in financing to poor nations. (China helps wind ETFs).

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