ETFs in a Recovery: Where the Money Is Going Now | ETF Trends

Money in the markets and exchange traded funds (ETFs) is continuously ebbing and flowing. As the market recovers, it’s always interested to take a look and see where the cash is going.

Last week, a solid majority of fund types reported their best weekly inflows of the year while money market funds experienced large outflows, writes Joe Morris for Ignites.

EPFR Global data shows where all the money has moved: $1.62 billion went into global bond funds, $540 million found its way into emerging-market bond funds, $925 million funneled into the real estate sector, $1.74 billion flowed into global equity funds, and money funds lost $47.2 billion.

Some ETFs representing these areas include:

  • SPDR Barclays International Treasury Bond Fund (NYSEArca: BWX): up 6.6% year-to-date

  • PowerShares Emerging Mkts Sovereign Debt (NYSEArca: PCY): up 37.7% year-to-date

  • iShares Dow Jones U.S. Home Construction (NYSEArca: ITB): up 37.2% year-to-date

  • SPDR S&P World ex-US (NYSEArca: GWL): up 25.9% year-to-date